Success in Faculty AHC Partnership Awards

We are delighted to celebrate two award winners from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries in the AHC Faculty Partnership Awards.

The Faculty of AHC Partnership Awards is an annual event to give recognition and thanks to staff and students in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures. It is part of the larger Leeds Partnership Awards, organised by Leeds University Union.

At Leeds we value our academic community, and actively involve all staff and students in working together to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Congratulations to Dr Sarah Feinstein for being awarded Mentor of the Year. Sarah's generosity and collegiality has had a huge impact on staff morale and is an immensely valuable staff member.

On Sarah’s nomination, “Through Sarah's mentorship, I have felt part of an academic community and have gained a wealth of knowledge in areas previously unknown to me.”

“Despite having a significant workload, Sarah took it upon herself to act as an informal mentor to me, helping me to settle into a new department, learn about new areas of scholarship and engage generously in knowledge exchange.”

“Sarah has created opportunities for me to develop and enhance my pedagogical practice as well as including me in research-related activities.”

We’re also delighted to announce student Bethan Corner has won the School Community Partnership of the Year award.

Throughout the pandemic, Bethan has been an essential voice and link between the students and staff working tirelessly and providing sustained and thoughtful contributions to key initiatives and decisions which have had a significant effect on the student community and provided helpful guidance to staff.

She has coordinated and chaired the Student Staff Partnership Forum and contributed to its online focus groups of students and staff that have been focused on specific topics which subsequently informed the School Action Plan.

Helping us to find ways to navigate the specific demands of what have been unprecedented times and allowed us, in partnership, to both help protect the student experience and to foster a sense of community. We are very grateful for Bethan's work during this time.