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Idea ethics podcast

Season 3 of the IDEA Pod is a miniseries that explores the ethics of sex work, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An image of a desert merged with an image of green grass and a blue sky, to represent climate change.

Read the latest article by Nathan Wood and William San Martín on planetary justice.

Parkinson Building

The journal Ethical Theory and Moral Practice has published a review by Dr Sean Sinclair of the book 'Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Quantifying Health Equity Impacts and Trade-Offs.'

The article by Dr Vincent C. Müller and Michael Cannon discusses existential risk from AI and orthogonality.

Great Hall

Dr Sean Sinclair considers various principles which might explain our intuitive obligation to rescue people from imminent death at great cost, even when the same resources could produce more benefit elsewhere.