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Matt Howard, School of English

Matt Howard has had his poem ‘The Pond’ featured in news magazine The New Statesman.

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Poet Laureate and Professor of Poetry, Simon Armitage has urged Leeds to 'wake up' to its creative potential in a song penned for the city's festival of culture.

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Heritage project finds practices thought to bring good fortune in one place were believed to sow disaster down the road.

'My Dad wrote a porno' stars Alice Levine, Jamie Morton and James Cooper.

From a kitchen table to the Royal Albert Hall: how three Leeds alumni turned some dubious content into comedy gold.

Left to right from top: Simon Armitage, Jodie Whittaker, Sir Michael Palin, Liz Bonnin, Dame Mary Berry and Professor Brian Cox appearing in the Transmission Report video.
Credit: BBC/The One Show

The Poet Laureate and University of Leeds Professor of Poetry’s centenary poem, Transmission Report, was broadcast on The One Show.