Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar - new co-edited volume

Congratulations to Dr Kraetzschmar on the publication of his co-edited volume with Paola Rivetti.

This new co-edited book by Dr Kraetzschmar and Dr Rivetti (DCU) explores the trajectories of political Islam during and in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings of 2010-12. Featuring 21 original chapter contributions by renowned scholars in the field, it uncovers some key discernible trends in Islamist politics during this tumultuous period of time, including in the areas of governance, intra-organisational and intra-sectarian contention and conflict. As Middle East expert, Professor Mehran Kamrava, states in his appraisal of the book: ‘in a field that has quickly become overcrowded with repetition, Kraetzschmar and Rivetti have put together a series of original contributions on an important, but understudied aspect of the Arab Spring uprisings, namely the consequences of the uprisings on Islamist activism across the Middle East’.

The book is published with Edinburgh University Press.