AIMES success in Sadler Seminars 2018-19

Congratulations to Dr Fozia Bora on her successful application for the Sadler Seminar Series on ‘Creating/Curating the Decolonial Classroom’ in 2018-19.

Sir Michael Sadler (1861-1943) was a Leeds Vice Chancellor famed for his open mind, adventuresome tastes and commitment to research, to the lasting benefit of the University. Supported by the LHRI, Sadler Seminars funding is awarded to colleagues who wish to pursue research questions that, to be answered well, require collaboration across disciplinary lines. 

For the forthcoming academic year, Fozia Bora, Lecturer in Middle Eastern History and Islamic History in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, has received funding for her Sadler Seminar series entitled Creating/Curating the Decolonial Classroom.

Further updates about this exciting series of research events will be available in due course.