Unprecedented success for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies with EU post-doctoral funding scheme

Dr Gregorio Alonso and Professor Duncan Wheeler have successfully supported the applications of three early career researchers in the prestigious Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship scheme.

SPLAS will be joined by the brilliant Early Career Researchers María Bastianes, Raúl Mínguez and Massimo Aresu who work on Spanish theatre, gender and religion in the Modern Age and the history of Gypsy people in the Mediterranean respectively.

Details of their research projects are as follows:

Dr Raúl Mínguez (BA, MA, PhD, Universidad de Valencia) is a consolidated scholar in the study of the link between gender and religion in the Modern Age. The main objective of his postdoctoral research project is to carry out a comparative study of the construction of the self of both Anglican and Catholic women during the second half century in England and Spain. From a gender perspective, this project will offer a new vision of the secularisation process from the 1960s onwards relying on the testimonies of women who have tried to resist it.  

Dr Massimo Aresu (BA, Cagliari, PhD, EHESS Paris) is an expert in the history of the Gypsy people in Sardinia, Italy and the Mediterranean area in the early-Modern era (16th-17th centuries). With the support of archival sources, his studies try to move beyond the reductive vision of Gypsies as an indomitable minority that was always marginal and relentlessly persecuted; they show the variety of their interactions with secular and religious institutions and other players in the social scene.  

Dr María Bastianes has a PhD in Spanish theatre from Complutense (Madrid, 2016) and is currently Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral research fellow at Carlos III University in Spain.In her research project entitled Spanish theatre in the United Kingdom (1982-2019) she will rehearse a new approach to the study of theatrical exchange between Spain and United Kingdom, harnessing dialogue between academia, practitioners, and other stakeholders to enhance cultural understanding across borders.