Rap musicians visit School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

The School of Languages, Cultures and Societies recently hosted a visit for two rap musicians and social activists from Lisbon and Madrid.

The event was part of a series of activities organised by Sofia Martinho and Stuart Green and titled 'Rap against Racism in Spain and Portugal'. 

Telma Tvon, Author of Um Preto Muito Português, was also joined by El Chojín, one of Spain's most prolific and best-known MCs. They spoke to students in the School about issues including the controversy surrounding the Spanish Post Office's anti-racism stamps and early encounters with US rap.
Both visitors were invited to Elland Road stadium by Leeds United's Director of Football (and huge El Chojín fan), Víctor Orta, to learn about the club's work in combating racism and its outreach programme with local residents.
Organiser Sofia Martinho, and Head of School Emma Cayley, accompanied El Chojín and Telma Tvon and planted the seeds of future collaboration between multilingual universities and clubs. 

The event concluded with a talk in Spanish and Portuguese attended by students, staff and members of the public (as well as international scholars via Zoom). Here, Telma and Chojin spoke about the importance of discovering rap for their lives and careers, the rise of the Far Right in Portugal and Spain, and their branching out into writing prose as a means to combat racism. 

As well as being great fun for all this exciting event consolidated the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies' position as a leader in decolonising the teaching of, and research into, Hispanic and Lusophone languages, as well as content within UK Higher Education.