School of Design teaching fellow in “Secret 7” exhibition

John Rooney, Teacher Fellow in Graphic and Communication Design at University of Leeds has had his work included in the 2018 Secret 7 exhibition

The “Secret 7” takes seven well known music tracks from around the world creates a set of 7” vinyls. Artists from around the world are then invited to interpret the tracks in their own style for every 7. 700 unique sleeves are then chosen and exhibited before going on sale on a first come, first served basis priced at £50 each. Purchasers don’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for, until they have bought one. Rooney is delighted with the achievement and says “my work represents the moment of emotional response and reaction on ‘digital’ skin. It is a visual representation of ‘fake’ emotion and response between 2 people created in the vacuum of social media.”

The exhibition ran from 8th- 23rd June in London with many visitors with hundreds of sales made on 24th June in aid of the mental health charity mind. You can see the gallery from the exhibition on the Secret 7 website.