Pasolini's Poetry - Dr Maria Bastianes' European Funded Translation Project

A series of poems have been translated into Spanish as part of a translation video project.

Dr Maria Bastianes, a European funded Marie Curie Research Fellow, has taken part in a translation project for the European Commission.  

The project involves a promotional video (below) featuring Dr Bastianes and the poet and translator Andres Catalan in Rome. Creating an anthology in Spanish of all the poems Italian poet, filmmaker and novelist Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote about Rome and its marginalised peripheries.  

This month-long project offers testimony of the complex urban popular culture of the ‘Other Rome’, the one of poverty and migrants that appears also in Pasolini's films. The anthology is forthcoming Ultramarinos in March 2022 to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of Pasolini's birth. 

Out of 17 applications, their short film was filmed by Adam Miklos at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (RAER), the main Spanish body of cultural diplomacy in Italy. 

Supported by the i-Portunus scheme and funded by the European Commission, the programme helps artists, creators and cultural professionals by funding short term mobilities for individuals to go abroad or for hosts to attract international talent. 

With expertise in Spanish theatre, Dr Bastianes works to promote the presence of Spanish theatre in the UK. Scholars, educators and practitioners are brought together by EStagesUK

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i-Portunus Stories: Andres Catalan and Maria Bastianes