Dr Leila Jancovich awarded AHRC follow on funding for FailSpace research project

Building on her work done in the AHRC Failspace project, Dr Leila Jancovich has been awarded £100,000 follow-on funding for her research on failure.

FailSpace, also known as Cultural Participation: Stories of Success, Histories of Failure, is an AHRC-funded research project exploring how the cultural sector can better recognise, acknowledge and learn from failure, particularly when undertaking work intended to diversify and grow the people who are taking part in subsidised cultural activities.

The project is led by Leila Jancovich (University of Leeds), with David Stevenson (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh), Lucy Wright and Malaika Cunningham.

The follow-on funding will be used to develop, impact and embed the research findings in industry to achieve the following:

  • Develop a geographically diverse network of networks to act as champions to extend the reach of our research 

  • Partner with a targeted group of cultural funders to embed our framework within policy, providing a tested model for future policy development elsewhere. 

  • Test and develop our framework and creative tools in at least two new sectors, providing concrete examples of real application of the research findings beyond the cultural industries. 

  • Create and deliver a media campaign to raise awareness of our research, and encourage the cultural sector to recognise failures, share their learning, and make changes, in response to this. 

  • Encourage knowledge exchange and more open conversations about failure to take place by arranging an industry focused Failspace conference, 

  • Ensure a longer term legacy of the work by developing an online repository of 'Failstories' that will provide models and inspiration for future organisational development and policy change

Visit the FailSpace website to find out more about the project.

Dr Leila Jancovich is an Associate Professor in Cultural Policy and Participation and programme leader for MA Culture, Creativity, Entrepreneuship and MA Audiences, Engagement and Participation. She is also the lead for the Cultural Policy Centre. Her main research interests are in the field of cultural policy and participation, with a particular focus on the implications of policy on practice.