Dr Catherine Davies part of Leeds research team investigating educational inequalities for children

Dr Catherine Davies, along with five other researchers at the University of Leeds, is part of the ICKLE project which investigates the impact of disruption to schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ICKLE project focuses on ten primary schools in Leeds and explores children’s progress in key foundation skills during the transition from reception to Year 1, and schools’ and families’ experiences of providing support for learning.

The findings of the research will provide evidence to inform policymakers and third-sector organisations in the development of strategies to mitigate the impacts of lockdown, including addressing existing inequalities. During lockdown, some children maintained or even accelerated their progress, whilst others have stalled progress or lost previously learned skills.

Three summary reports were published in July 2021, to share findings from the first round of the ICKLE project data collection.

Image credit: Giovanni Gagliardi on Unsplash.