University of Leeds formally accepted as an institutional member of CIUTI

CIUTI is a prestigious international association of universities with translation and interpreting programmes.

The Conférence Internationale Permanente d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes (CIUTI) was established in 1960 of universities with translation and interpreting programmes.

The membership of CIUTI is a high recognition of our excellence in teaching and research of translation and interpreting at Leeds, in addition to our partner university status of the EU Directorate of Interpretation and the European Masters in Translation (EMT) membership.

This will not only further boost the status of the Masters courses offered by the Centre for Translation Studies but also promote international exchanges with other excellent member universities with translation and interpreting programmes in other parts of the world.

The application of the CIUTI membership has taken assessments of three stages including initial report at Stage 1, self-assessment report at Stage 2 and on-site assessment at Stage 3.

Leeds passed all the assessments smoothly and was accepted formally as one of the two newly accepted institutional members in the 2019 CIUTI Congress held in Australia.