Return from fieldwork

Miranda Morris and Janet Watson returned to the UK at the beginning of November after their second period of fieldwork in Dhofar.

During this time, they collected further audio recordings from Mehri, Shahri, Hobyot and Bathari, and video recordings and still photographs to illustrate Mehri and Shahri activities and material culture. After a month in Jiddat al-Harasis early 2013, Domenyk Eades has been working remotely with Abdallah al-Harsusi on the collection of Harsusi material. Audio materials from Mehri, Shahri, Harsusi, Hobyot and Bathari collected during the first fieldtrip (January – March 2013) have been lodged with the Endangered Languages Archive at SOAS.

Janet will be presenting some of the initial findings of the Dhofar side of the project in a key-note speech to be delivered at the Linguistics in Arabia Conference, Jedda, in December 2013.