Wang Yafei

Wang Yafei


I am a PhD researcher with an interst in Music Business. I play the piano, the violin and the guitar. Before letting myself in the music field, I did my undergraduate in Business, Economics and Finance at the University of Nottingham (Malaysia). I furthered my study in Banking and Financial Markets at a master level in the UK. Then I did my second master’s degree in Music and Management at the University of Leeds as a wish to narrow my focus on the music industry. With great interest and the desire for exploring music further from a business perspective, I decided to stay here for a PhD in Music. 

Research interests

My PhD research is about marketing of classical music with a focus on the Chinese market. The aim of this research is to explore an alternative model for marketing classical music in China, examining the extent to which the markeitng model adopted by the globally rising muscial genre, K-pop (Korean pop music), can have a wider impact in the classical world. The researcher intends to provide a better understanding of both the Chinese market for classical music and the K-pop industry, and seeks to develop marketing strategies that can be used to better promote classical music to attract more audience as well as their level of engagement.


  • BA (Hons) Business Economics and Finance, University of Nottingham
  • MSc Banking and Financial Markets of Contemporary China, University of Nottingham
  • MA Music and Management, University of Leeds