School of Music wins the University Partnership Award

The School has won the Partnership Award for School of the Year

The Partnership Awards celebrate the achievements, commitment and impact of exceptional staff and students – they are awarded at both University and Faculty level, allowing outstanding contributions to be recognised in relation to both our Schools and the wider University.

The Partnership Award for the School of the Year was awarded to the School of Music not only for the large number of nominations it received for such a small school, but also for their high quality. The nominations were across all categories of staff and student, from Undergraduate student to Head of School, from receptionist to technician, from Director of Student Education to committee members of various music societies. Individually the nominations were strong, but together they paint a picture of a School which really cares about its students.

Five people from the School of Music were also nominated across five categories;

  • Dr Clive McClelland, Associate Professor of Music was nominated for Best Feedback award
  • Karen Burland-Clark, Head of School and Associate Professor of Music Psychology was nominated for the Mentor award.
  • Professor Michael Allis, Professor of Musicology and Postgraduate Research Tutor was nominated for the Personal Tutor award.
  • Jacob Rawcliffe, Reception Assistant was nominated for the Positive Impact award.
  • Alex de Little, Postgraduate Research was nominated for the Postgraduate Teaching award.

Congratulations to the School and all the brilliant nominees!