Daniela Nicolaescu

Daniela Nicolaescu


I am a postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds. My Ph.D. assesses the multilingual and transnational dimension of three 20th-century Jewish Romanian avant-garde poets: Tristan Tzara, Isidore Isou, and Gherasim Luca. It presents an extensive study of the languages used in their poetry (including non-European ones), of the broad cultural influences (inc. Jewish and African art) and of the reasons behind this experimentation. This project will be a comparative and multimodal analysis of the dadaist, lettrist, and surrealist performances. 

My MA dissertation at the University of Leeds, Other people’s refugee problems: how Macron and Salvini discuss each other’s refugee crisis, was a cross-national comparative research of the linguistic choices employed by two political leaders to represent the refugee crisis. 

I hold a BA degree in Universal and Comparative Literature-French Language from the University of Bucharest and a BS degree in Psychology. My interest in anthropology stems from my studies at the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, where I undertook courses in political, visual, and historical anthropology. 

Research interests

  • Twentieth-century French literature and cinema
  • multilingualism
  • avant-garde theatre and performances 
  • intercultural studies 
  • multimodality 
  • Jewish studies 


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  • MA Professional Language and Intercultural Studies, University of Leeds
  • BS Psychology
  • BA Comparative Literature-French Language