Omar Alkhowaiter

Omar Alkhowaiter


I am currently a PhD candidate at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, under the supervision of Dr. Callum Walker and Professor Thea Pitman. Prior to pursuing my PhD, I earned a master’s degree in Arabic/English translation from the University of Leeds in 2021, following a bachelor’s degree in English language and translation from Qassim University in 2017.

My professional journey commenced in 2018 when I began working as a teaching assistant of English as a foreign language (EFL) at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. Building on this experience, I have since advanced to my current role as a lecturer of translation studies at Majmaah University.

My academic and professional background reflects my passion for languages and translation. My research interests are legal translation, translation quality, corpus linguistics and translation training. I am enthusiastic about contributing valuable insights to both the academic and professional dimensions of translation studies, enriching our understanding of these dynamic fields.

Research interests

My ongoing thesis centres on the application of parallel corpora in Arabic/English legal translation. The thesis conducts an experiment using The Leeds Parallel Corpus of Arabic Countries' Constitutions (LPCACC) to measure its effect on the quality of legal translation. Additionally, the thesis explores the perceptions of both teachers and students regarding the use of corpora as a translation aid tool in Saudi Arabian universities.


  • Master's degree in Arabic/English Translation from the University of Leeds (2021).
  • Bachelor's degree in English Language and Translation from Qassim University (2017)