Alvaro Gonzalez Montero


I am currently working on my MA by Research at the University of Leeds thesis titled Jaime Gil de Biedma's literary diaries: queerness, colonialism and illness in Franco’s Spain and beyond (1956–1985), under the supervision of Prof. Richard Cleminson and Prof. Duncan Wheeler.

Jaime Gil de Biedma (1929–1990) was an influential Spanish poet whose diaries represent an example of the finest autobiographical literature. His diary entries deal with the complexities of being a gay, Marxist aristocrat in Franco’s Spain. In this work, my focus will be analysing how Gil de Biedma constructs the male, gay self through the writing of his diaries. This will be explored in relation to the notions of spatial, social, and historical changes. I argue that, in the author’s vital and literary journey, there is a dialectical process of change and adaption of his thought and action. His self in the Philippines is different to the one in Spain in various aspects and registers. My research will show how he negotiates the different aspects of his identity (queerness, colonialism, economic privilege, illness) in his diaries, from 1956 to 1985, and how their understanding gives us insights into the lives of gay people during Franco’s dictatorship and beyond.

Universidad de Málaga

Master's degree, Education
  • 2013–2014
  • Master's degree in Education (Spanish teacher training), which included a placement period in a secondary school and the completion of a Master's dissertation. 
Bachelor's degree, Translation and interpreting (English, French and Arabic)
  • 2008–2013
  • The degree in Translation and Interpreting included language specific subjects in all my four languages, together with more translation oriented ones with a focus on particular issues in translation, such as scientific texts, legal texts, terminology or literature. I also completed two modules on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

I have also been working for a number of years on the edition of a manuscript, BNP 447 (called el Corán de Salónica), which contains an aljamiado translation of the Quran into Spanish. This was part of a research project that started on my last year at the University of Malaga under the supervision of Dr. Juan Pablo Arias Torres. This research is still ongoing, with some results to be published soon. 

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Spanish life-writing: diaries, autobiographies, memoirs, correspondence
  • queer studies
  • colonialism and postcolonialism in Spanish contemporary literature
  • psychoanalysis in Spanish literature
  • translation studies: queer translation, feminism and translation, poetry
  • literature of Al-Andalus
  • second language acquisition and pedagogy



  • BA Translation and Interpreting (English, French, Arabic). Uni. Malaga, Spain. (2008-2013)
  • Master's in Education (Spanish teacher training) Uni Malaga 2013-2014
  • MA by Research in Spanish literature. 2019-ongoing University of Leeds.