Karen Fox

Karen Fox


I started my undergraduate degree in Classical Civilisations at the University of Leeds in 2013.

During the course of my Bachelor’s degree, I was drawn to Roman Culture and Literature and sought to explore that further in my dissertation by looking at the concepts of power and control in Ovid’s Metaphosis, under the supervision of Dr Paul White.

Following my undergraduate studies, I advanced to my Masters in Classics at the University of Leeds and I looked at how other subjects may come into play with Roman Literature and the effects of interdisciplinary research within Classics. My Masters research investigated the relationship between psychology and Ovid’s Heroides and how these two subjects can interact, again this was conducted under the supervision of Dr Paul White.

My Master’s research led me to start my own project, as an interdisciplinary PhD student, by looking at how the recent developments in paleoclimateology and paleoenvironments can be used as evidence in Latin Literature. 

I have been awarded 3rd place at the Doctoral College 3MT and I am currently the PGRTA for CLAS1400: Roman World. 

Research interests

I have a keen interest in interdisciplinary research and specifically how it can affect the perception of literature. 

My current focus is on Ecocritical analysis and how this is performed and presented in Classics. 


  • BA (Hons) Classical Civilisations
  • MRes Classics