Jennifer Argyle


After completing an undergraduate degree in Spanish and History of Art at the University of Leeds in 2012 I started postgraduate study in the School of Modern Languages and Culture, obtaining an MA by Research in Hispanic Studies in 2013.  I subsequently spent three years working in the art industry before completing a PGCE in Seconday Education specialising in Spanish. I currently work as a teacher of MFL at the British School Muscat. 

Research interests

In 2019 I enrolled on my PhD course to continue my research on Spanish Orientalism in nineteenth century Spanish paintings.  My thesis, ‘Reconsidering Mariano Fortuny y Marsal (1838-1874): Spanish Orientalism and National Identity', will focus on the life and works of Fortuny. I propose to question the universal acceptance of Fortuny’s work as ‘typically Orientalist’ as well as problematise what is understood by Orientalism in Spain. My research will focus on two core questions:

  • In what ways is the assimilation of Fortuny’s work into the ‘Orientalist’ genre problematic?

  • Where does Fortuny’s work sit as part of the discourse surrounding Spanish national identity, specifically in light of Spain’s unique position between East and West?


  • MA by research in Spanish Cultural Studies.
  • BA in Spanish and History of Art