Hammal Al Balushi

Hammal Al Balushi


Documentation of Modern South Arabian Langauge (Harsusi); Acoustic Phonetics; Phonology, Morphology; Translation; Teaching of English

After studying my BA in Education/Teaching of English at Sultan Qaboos University, I moved to University of Hawaii, Manoa to study MA in Second Language Studies. Then, I moved to University of Texas, Austin and obtained my MA in Linguistics. Currenlty, I am pursuing my PhD in Linguistics (Language Documentation) at the University of Leeds.

I have been working as a faculty member at Sultan Qaboos University since 2008. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Texas, Austin from 2015-2018. I also taught courses at The Arab Open University (Oman) and Al-Zahra College for Women (Oman).

Research interests

My main research interest currently is at the documentation of the Modern South Arabian Harsusi Language. I am particularly looking at the Phonology and Morphology of Harsusi trying to provide a descriptive analysis of its features. I am also interested in Acourstic Phonetics and looking at the ‘Emphatic’ sounds of Harsusi and their effect. 


  • Provisional PhD in Linguistics and Phonetics (Language Documentation) University of Leeds
  • MA in Linguistics, University of Texas, Austin
  • MA in Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • BA in Education/Teaching English, Sultan Qaboos University