Hammal Al Balushi

Hammal Al Balushi


Documentation of Modern South Arabian Langauge (Harsusi); Acoustic Phonetics; Phonology, Morphology; Translation; Teaching of English

After studying my BA in Education/Teaching of English at Sultan Qaboos University, I moved to University of Hawaii, Manoa to study MA in Second Language Studies. Then, I moved to University of Texas, Austin and obtained my MA in Linguistics. Currenlty, I am pursuing my PhD in Linguistics (Language Documentation) at the University of Leeds.

I have been working as a faculty member at Sultan Qaboos University since 2008. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Texas, Austin from 2015-2018. I also taught courses at The Arab Open University (Oman) and Al-Zahra College for Women (Oman).

Research interests

My main research interest currently is at the documentation of the Modern South Arabian Harsusi Language. I am particularly looking at the Phonology and Morphology of Harsusi trying to provide a descriptive analysis of its features. I am also interested in Acoustic Phonetics and looking at the ‘Emphatic’ sounds of Harsusi and their effect. My other research interests inlcude phonetics, phonology, morphology, endangered langauges documentation and revitalisation, and sociolinguistics.


  • Provisional PhD in Linguistics and Phonetics (Language Documentation) University of Leeds
  • MA in Linguistics, University of Texas, Austin
  • MA in Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • BA in Education/Teaching English, Sultan Qaboos University