Rashad Qushaysh

Rashad Qushaysh


I am a Teaching Assistant (TA) and PhD Candidate at the University of Leeds, focusing on translation studies and literature (Arabic and English).

Prior to Leeds, I received my BA in English literature & translation studies (2015) from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In 2016, I received The Training & Development Diploma Passport from Langevin Learning Services in the United States. Hence, I became a certified member of the American Board of International Trainers in writing skills, creative writing and translation (English & Arabic) in 2017. Following this in 2018, I went to the University of Leeds, where I received my MA in translation studies. Since 2019, I've been pursuing my self-sponsored PhD, which I expect to complete by 2024.

In the field of Arabic/English literature and translation, I am working as a publisher, published writer, translator and professional trainer. I founded Athra, a translation and publishing house, and I have been the editor-in-chief since its emergence in 2018. Athra is a training publishing house focusing on two aspects: learning by qualified experts and gaining skills and knowledge by undertaking a translation. In addition to my work with Athra, I have delivered over 50 invited lectures and seminars at universities across the Gulf and in the UK. Further, I have managed, directed, and supervised a number of professional translation projects across the Gulf. Moreover, I host the weekly literary podcast (Awo) available on YoutubeSoundCloud, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, exploring topics on languages, world literature and translation studies.

Current research

My doctoral research centers on the sociology of literature and translation studies, with a specific emphasis on fiction literature. It aims to examine the phenomenon of Arabic self-translated fiction into English as a socially situated activity, based on a sociological point of view. It attempts to demonstrate how the activity of self-translation is motivated,  shaped, restricted and influenced by different sociological factors in light of Bourdieu’s model. 



  • PhD Candidate in Translation Studies and Literature, University of Leeds
  • MA in Translation Studies, University of Leeds (2018)
  • BA in Translation Studies and English Literature, Imam University (2015)