Rashad Hassan


After completing my undergraduate studies in English literature and Translation Studies at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2015, I moved to University of Leeds where I completed my MA in Translation and Intercultural Studies in 2017/18. Immediately after I finished my MA programme, I  started my PhD journy in March 2019.

Current research

Today, Western readers have unprecedented access to works of modern and contemporary Arabic literature through their translations, fueled by a wide and growing interest in the history, literature and culture of the Arab world. However, my doctoral research focuses on literature between Arabic and Engish, and it aims to examine the phenomenon of Arabic self-translation into English as a socially situated activity, based on a socio-cultural point of view. It attempts to demonstrate how the practice of self-translation is motivated,  shaped, restricted and influenced by different socio-cultural factors. It seeks to improve the understanding of the  phenomenon of literary self-translation in light of Bourdieu’s model. The model has placed translation  practices within the social and cultural spaces where they were produced and linked with agents who have  produced them. Such practises portray  the socio-cultural relations and values that take place within the system and interpret  its ongoing dynamic  practices to promote better understanding. The phenomenon of self-translation will be explained and demonstrated by the socio-cultural variables and factors that play a key role in conditioning self-translation. A study of this kind will contribute towards a growing area of research on the sociology of translation in general and self-translation in particular. It will also be a useful reference for scholars in Translation Studies. 

Translations and publications:

  • عبور لا ينمحي أثره  An Ineffaceable Crossing Vestige’ (Arabic)

  • ‘An Ineffaceable Crossing Vestige’ by Rashad Hassan – Self-translation

  • لذة اكتشاف المجهول  ‘The thrill of Discovering the Unknown’ (Arabic)

  • حين رأيت صوتي   ‘When I Saw my Voice’ (Arabic)

  • مرآة تبحث عن وجه  ‘Mirror Looking for a Face’ (Arabic)

  • ‘Strangers to Ourselves’ by Timothy Wilson.

  • ‘Essays’ by George Orwell.

  • ‘Epistemic Injustice’ by Mirnda Fricker.

Research interests

  • Contemporary Literature
  • Sociology of Literature
  • Self-translation
  • Translation Studies
  • Sociolinguistics
  • World Literature


  • PhD Candidate, University of Leeds, Translation Studies and Literature, 2019 – Present
  • MA University of Leeds, Nov, 2018, Translation Studies and Literature, English and Arabic.
  • BA Imam University, KSA. Jan, 2015, Translation Studies and Literature.