Abdulrahman Alroumi, Postgraduate Researcher

Research interests

I'm interested in examinning the structure of broadcast news interviews. I use an ethnographic methodology relying on Conversation Analysis as a method for analysing institutional interactions. The approach of my research is informed by existing research in three areas: studies of adversarial questioning and other forms of interviewer “non-neutrality” in different interview genres, studies that examine how epistemic asymmetries shape interaction in different settings, and studies investigating practices through which participants take position and accomplish evaluative acts through assessments. The aim of my research is to examine how rights to knowledge and opinion are invoked, claimed, and resisted through the participants’ orientation to assessments.

Summary of research interest: Conversation Analysis, Institutional interactions, Epistemics, Assessments.


  • BA in English Language and Translation, Saudi Arabia.
  • MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Liverpool
  • MA in Linguistics, University of Essex