'Poetry and the Poetics of Exile'.

The renowned Syrian poet Nouri al-Jarrah continues the 'International Writers at Leeds' series on 12 March at 4pm. All are welcome.

Nouri al-Jarrah was born in Damascus in 1956. He lived in Beirut since 1981, then Cyprus and since 1986 in London where he wrote for a number of Arabic literary periodicals. He established Al-Katiba [The Woman Writer]literary magazine, publishing 14 issues, which is the first Arabic journal with focus on writing by and about Arab women. Nouri published ten anthologies of poetry, in addition to his other writings in travel literature and children’s literature. His poetry has been translated into English, French and Persian. A new poetry anthology, compiled and introduced by Arab Poet Salma Khadra Jayyusi and , will be published later this year in New York, with some poems translated by the two renowned British poets John Heath-Stubbs and Alan Brownjohn. Nouri has a keen interest in travel literature in Arabic and he edited and published a number of key works in this area. He founded the Arab Centre for Geographical Literature in 2000 and has been co-directing it since then. His poetry, travel literature and children’s literature won him a number of prizes from different parts in the Arab World.

Location: Parkinson Building B:08 

Nouri Al Jarrah