Student work

Student work

See how our students put what they learn into practice.

Explore some of the projects our students work on during their degrees, such as performances, dissertations, practice-led research and more.

Performance projects

Discover the wide-ranging projects our Masters students have produced.

Research projects

Below is a selection of research project titles (dissertations) by students on our Masters courses:

MA Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneuship

Engaging millenial audiences in theatre through social media.

City branding strategies in Chinese mega-cities: the use of iconic buildings in the branding of Beijing.

How do recent Disney animated films express diversity in multimodality: a semiotics-based textual analysis of Zootopia (2016)?

MA Applied Theatre and Intervention

The possibilities and challenges of Theatre in Education projects in schools settings: the perspective of participant observation.

Who cares for the carers? A critical approach to the participatory arts in dementia care.

MA Performance Design

How can design interventions enhance the affective, empathetic and cathartic potential of environments in site-specific performance?

Drawing as a making-thinking process and the impact on performance design.

MA Writing for Performance and Digital Media

Observable Behaviour: a studio musical in two acts

When Olive Trees Died