Making the British Army Officer

Dr Kevin Linch explores the personal and professional lives of British Army officers during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in a talk at the National Army Museum in London.

The French Revolutionary Wars and the ensuing Napoleonic Wars are seminal periods in world history. The British Army played a significant role in both.

In conversation with National Army Museum historian Dr Matilda Greig, Dr Kevin Linch will explore the personal and professional lives of the officers in the Army during these momentous conflicts. Drawing on the military records of 40,000 individuals, our speakers will provide new insights into the experiences of the Army across the globe.

Ranging from the renowned Duke of Wellington to the most junior ensign, the discussion will examine the broader context of the Army from 1790 to 1820. It will also consider the families of those who served, seeing how partners, parents and children were impacted by conflict and service in the Army.#


National Army Museum, London.

How to book

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