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Postgraduate students chatting around a table

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A room full of people listening to a lecture

Part of the 2023-24 Institute for Medieval Studies events series.

St George's Field, Leeds. The image shows grave stones on the left, with Henry Price student residences in the background

Dr Laura King presents a paper entitled 'Living with the Dead: The Meanings of Graves and Sites of Remembrance Practices in 20th Century Britain.'

A brochure; purple design showing a ballock dagger in purple green and blue design and a magnifying glass. Text reads Forgotten Battles Object Trail Guide Royal Armouries.

Dr Kit Heyam presents a seminar entitled: 'Gendering the Royal Armouries: Collaboration and Queer Community Engagement'.

A room full of people listening to a lecture

Part of the Institute for Medieval Studies 2023-24 events programme, and co-organised with the White Rose Medievalists seminar.

A damaged tank in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine - June 2022.
Picture free to use via Unsplash/
Mikhail Volkov

Dr Taras Fedirko presents a seminar entitled 'Non-state support for Ukraine's war effort (2014-2023) and its consequences for Ukrainian politics'.

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