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Women as Veterans in Britain and France after the First World War by Alison Fell

How does the transition from military to post-military identity question notions of masculinity? How can cross-disciplinary scholarship challenge our understanding of women’s military participation?

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A White Rose International History and International Relations Research Seminar.

Dr Claudia Rogers (University of Sheffield) will present a Medieval Group workshop titled 'Encountering Pictorials: A Workshop on Sixteenth-Century Mesoamerican Manuscripts'.

Dr Levi Roche (University of Exeter) will present a lecture titled 'Forging Exemption: Fleury from Abbo to Gauzlin (c.988-c.1030)' in the 2018-19 School of History Medieval History Seminar series.

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Join us to find out more about postgraduate study at the University of Leeds.

A talk by Cathy Shrank from the University of Sheffield as part of our Interdisciplinary Renaissance and Early Modern seminar series.

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