City Library Public Lecture: The Death of Richard III

All are welcome to the City Library Public Lecture, co-hosted by the 'Medieval Bodies Ignored' conference, titled 'Killed the Boar, Shaved his Head': The Death of Richard III.

This lecture is co-hosted by the organisers of the IMS Leeds Postgraduate conference, titled 'Medieval Bodies Ignored: Politics, Culture, and Flesh', as part of a student-run series of lectures and events designed to complement the conference. The conference runs from 4-6 May, and this lecture will simultaneously conclude the lecture series and open the conference. 

The lecture will be given by Bob Woosnam-Savage, a Curator at the Royal Armories. Woosnam-Savage is one of the few people involved in both projects concerned with locating and excavating the skeleton of Plantagenet king Richard III; the skeleton was famously discovered in 2012 underneath a car park at the former site of Greyfriars Church in Leicester, England. Woosnam-Savage was Project Weapons Expert for the University of Leicester 'Search for Richard III' Archaeological/'Greyfriars Research' team, and also on the research team for the Richard III Society 'Looking for Richard' team. He has been studying the skeleton of Richard III since its discovery and is one of the handful of experts to have physically examined the remains.

Using both historical and archaeological evidence, Woosnam-Savage will discuss a potential sequence of events that will help us discover the possible last moments and death of Richard III - 'the king under the car park'. 

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Leeds Central Library, LS1 3AB