Professor Simon Hall's inaugural lecture: Leonard Matlovich: Gay Rights Hero?

The School of History invite you to Professor Simon Hall’s inaugural lecture as part of LGBT History month: ‘Leonard Matlovich: Gay Rights Hero?’

In 1975 Leonard Matlovich, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and Air Force Sergeant, came out publicly in order to challenge the U.S. military’s blanket ban on gay service personnel. Championed enthusiastically by influential figures in the gay rights movement, the Matlovich campaign caused profound discomfort to many LGBT activists who had energetically opposed the Vietnam War, and seen gay liberation as part of a wider struggle to challenge U.S. imperialism and militarism, and radically re-make American society.

This lecture will consider Matlovich’s contribution to the struggle for LGBT equality, and reflect on what his emergence as a ‘gay rights hero’ tells us about the wider movement.

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