Health, Medicine and Society

Health medicine and society research group

The Health, Medicine and Society group examines the health, illness and treatment of individuals and communities in a social and cultural history context. Our research expertise ranges from the 14th century to the present day, and covers a number of different geographies and cultures, including Mediterranian Europe, Uganda, Kenya and India. Our research focuses on the social and cultural history of medicine and health, and thinking about the human life course, from birth to death.

We are interested in six key themes:

  • The human life course from birth to death;
  • How health and medicine are shaped by gender, race and age;
  • Health and medicine during periods of war and conflict;
  • Health and family life;
  • Medical practitioners and caregivers;
  • Policy and public health initiatives and how they were developed, received and used by different individuals and societies

Recent projects 

Current and recent projects undertaken by staff in the Health, Medicine and Society group include:

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Our expertise

Alex Bamji
Manuel Barcia
Shane Doyle
Will Gould
Will Jackson
Laura King
Marie-Louise Leonard 
Iona McCleery
Jessica Meyer
Alexia Moncrieff
Jonathan Saha

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