Institute for Medieval Studies seminar: Professor Przemyslaw Wiszemski

Part of the Institute for Medieval Studies 2023-24 events series.

Professor Przemyslaw Wiszemski from the University of Wroclaw presents his research in a paper entitled ‘Cohesion of Multi-ethnic Societies of East-Central and Southern Europe in the 10th-16th Centuries’.

This is the first event in the IMS seminar series for the academic year of 2023-24. The event will begin with the paper which will last for around 40-50 minutes, followed by questions and discussion. There will be refreshments for in-person attendees.


Book live event tickets on Eventbrite. Please note that online attendance is capped at 25 places.

Finding Parkinson Building Room B.11

Go up the Parkinson steps, enter Parkinson Court, take the stairs at the far right end of Parkinson Court down to the basement, follow the corridor round to the left, room B.11 is on the left.

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