The normative significance of future moral revolutions

Part of the IDEA Research seminar series

Speaker: John Danaher (Galway)

Since moral revolutions have occurred in the past, it seems plausible to suppose that they will occur again in the future. What significance, if any, does this prospect have for our present normative outlook? This talk will identify and evaluate eight ways in which this question may be answered.

Its aim is not to vindicate any of these purported normative responses as correct. Instead, its aim is taxonomic and synoptic: to provide an overview of the different responses that the prospect of future moral revolutions gives rise to and analyze how these responses are modulated by judgements of certainty and uncertainty, whether they are practically or epistemically oriented, and to what extent they depend on ethical and metaethical assumptions.

All are welcome to attend online using Teams. Please email Andrew Kirton for a link.