IDEA Research seminar: Exclusivity and romantic agency

Part of the IDEA research seminar series

Speaker: Luke Brunning (IDEA)

Harry Chalmers has argued that monogamous relationships are morally impermissible because they restrict people from accessing valued romantic goods without a good-making feature which justifies this restriction.

I will explore this claim to argue that a richer conception of freedom in romantic life helps us grasp the connections between what we are permitted to do and what we are able to do, i.e., how freedom is linked to romantic agency.

Romantic agency is necessary if people are to enjoy romantic life, but romantic agency is maintained in relational contexts and is fragile. Since restrictions on what people permit each other to do romantically can be an important way to protect romantic agency, such restrictions can be justified and so some forms of monogamy might be morally permissible.

All welcome to attend either online or in person: 

Seminar Room 2, IDEA Building (17 Blenheim Terrace) & MS Teams (Please email Dr Andrew Kirton for a link)