Elementary Aspects of the Political: Leeds-OP Jindal University Joint Seminar Series

Professor Prathama Banerjee discusses how modern conceptions of political subjectivity, action, ideology and community come to be fashioned in India between late 19th and mid 20th century.

Moving beyond decolonial and postcolonial critique, Professor Prathama Banerjee examines selfhood in light of precolonial Indic traditions of renunciation and realpolitik; action in the constitutive tension between traditional conceptions of karma and modern ideas of labor; the idea of equality as it emerges in the dialectic between spirituality and economics; and people in the friction between the structure of the political party and the atmospherics of fiction and theater.

Professor Prathama Banerjee challenges modern assumptions about the universality, primacy, and self-evidence of the political and gestures toward a globally salient political philosophy that displaces prevailing Western notions of the political masquerading as universal.

For information and to register for this online event, please contact: historicalresearch@jgu.edu.in