The Good Immigrant: Nikesh Shukla, Kieran Yates, and Inua Ellams

As part of a conference on 'Migration & Language-Learning: Histories, Approaches, Policies', is proud to host an evening with Nikesh Shukla, Kieran Yates, and Inua Ellams.

Nikesh Shukla, Kieran Yates, and Inua Ellams are three contributors to The Good Immigrant, the award-winning, bestselling essay collection featuring emerging British black, Asian and minority ethnic writers, poets, journalists and artists. In their essays about race and immigration, they paint a picture of what it means to be ‘other’ in a country that wants you, doesn’t want you, doesn’t accept you, needs you for its equality monitoring forms and would prefer you if you won a major reality show competition.

Inspired by discussion around why society appears to deem people of colour as bad immigrants – job stealers, benefit scroungers, undeserving refugees – until, by winning Olympic races or baking good cakes, or being conscientious doctors, they cross over and become good immigrants, editor Nikesh Shukla compiled a collection of essays that are poignant, challenging, angry, humorous, heartbreaking, polemic, weary and – most importantly – real. We are very proud to welcome three of these brilliant authors to Leeds

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