The Broad Church Meeting

This meeting of the Broad Church will discuss post-medieval influences, and participants will discuss how these influences apply to personal research.

This meeting will consider post-medieval accumulations to medieval objects, sources, and/or ideas. Through discussion, we will think about challenges, methodologies, opportunities, or anything else to do with the fact that much of our medieval material is mediated through post-medieval means, including early modern editions, antiquarian reports, restorations, conservation work, and more. 

Instead of having an individual introduce the discussion, all participants should come prepared to very briefly address how ideas of post-medieval mediation of the medieval applies to personal research. Each short talk should take no more than five minutes, and props of any kind are welcome. Discussion will continue from these brief introductions. 

The Broad Church meets monthly to discuss and offer feedback about topics relating to the broadly understood medieval religious culture (Christian and non-Christian). Meetings are collaborative, and designed to be discussion-based instead of a traditional research paper format. For more information about the Broad Church and to receive email updates, please email Melanie Brunner