'The Armoured Body': Royal Armouries Trip

Students and faculty of the IMS, as well as members of the public, are invited to the event 'The Armoured Body', a trip to The Royal Armouries that will include demonstrations and specialist lectures

'The Armoured Body' is hosted by the organisers of the IMS Leeds Postgraduate conference, titled 'Medieval Bodies Ignored: Politics, Culture, and Flesh', as part of a student-run series of lectures and events designed to complement the conference. The event is held at The Royal Armouries, Britain's national museum of arms and armour, with a total of six themed galleries containing arms and armour from across the world and throughout time. 

The programme for the day is as follows: 

11:00. 'Knight as Shining Armour I', Tournament Gallery, Tour: Jack Litchfield (IMS PG researcher) will discuss the relationship between medieval bodies and body armour. 

11:30. 'Arming the Knight', Tournament Gallery, Arena: A combat team will arm a 15th century knight from head to toe, demonstrating the mysteries and mechanics of medieval armour. 

12:00. 'Knight as Shining Armour II', War Gallery, Cinema: The University of Leeds and Royal Armouries teams will discuss historical research and the lived experience of wearing armour now. 

After the event, attendees will have the opportunity to peruse the rest of the museum at their leisure. 

The event organisers and attendees will meet outside the Parkinson Building, Leeds, at 10:00 to catch the bus to the museum together, for an 11:00 start. There will be an opportunity to buy lunch together at the museum. 

More information about 'Medieval Bodies Ignored' events can be seen here. For queries, contact medievalbodiesignored@gmail.com


Location: The Royal Armouries, Leeds