IMS 50th Anniversary Lecture Series. Medieval Cursing and Its Uses

Sarah M. Hamilton (Professor of Medieval History, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Exeter) Celebrating 50 Years of Leeds Medieval Studies

1967 saw the foundation of the Centre for Medieval Studies and the International Medieval Bibliography. Both, together with the International Medieval Congress, established in 1994, now form the Institute for Medieval Studies.

Today the Institute for Medieval Studies continues to draw together medievalists from across the University and plays a pivotal role in the development of research, teaching, and impact in Medieval Studies. 

As every year, the IMS Open Lecture Series aims to showcase cutting edge research by leading scholars in the many, variant aspects of medieval studies. The academic year, however, adds the fact that the Institute for Medieval Studies (and its successor bodies the Centre for Medieval Studies and the International Medieval Bibliography) were both founded in 1967. To mark this milestone we have tried to shape this lecture with that in mind, and include individuals and institutions where we have a long and prosperous relationship with. 

For updates and more information about the speakers, contact Axel Müller in the Institute for Medieval Studies, or see the Open Lectures website.

Location details

Parkinson Building: Nathan Bodington Council Chamber