Medieval History Seminar

Delivered by Dr Lucy Sackville (University of York), ‘Bishops and the Investigation of Heresy in High Medieval Italy’.

Dr Lucy Sackville is Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of York. Her research interests are broadly concerned with the conflicts between different systems of medieval thought and belief, and the cultural transfer and encounters that those conflicts generate. Her work explores these questions in the context of medieval heresy and its repression and is concentrated on the histories of Italy and southern France. Because nearly all the source material for the study of medieval heresy is produced by those who sought to suppress and eliminate it presents obvious difficulties to the historian, and much of the historiography, particularly in recent decades, has been concerned with the implications of that methodological problem. Dr Sackville’s first book, Heresy and Heretics in the Thirteenth Century, is in part a response to that tradition. She is currently working on a book on inquisitors' manuals from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

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Grant Room (3.11) Michael Sadler Building