Seminar - Hegel, Norms and Ontology

Dr Joe Saunders presents a talk on Hegel’s practical philosophy.

As part of our Spring-Summer 2019 research seminar scheduleDr Joe Saunders (University of Durham) will be presenting a talk on Hegel, Norms and Ontology.


This paper lays out two recent accounts of Hegel’s practical philosophy and presents them with a challenge. Stern and Alznauer both offer readings of Hegel, where he attempts to ground our ethical practices in ontological norms. I argue that we cannot ground our ethical practices in this way. However, I also contend that Stern and Alznauer’s conception of reality as both conceptual and normative is still be able to play a useful role in practical philosophy, namely, helping to defuse a general sceptical worry about ethics.


The seminar takes place on Wednesday from 12pm - 1:15pm, in Seminar Room 2 within the IDEA Centre.

All are welcome and no registration is required.