International Medieval Congress (IMC) 2018

This year's annual International Medieval Congress (IMC) will be held from 2-5 July 2018, with the Special Thematic Strand of 'Memory', and is the 25th IMC held at the University of Leeds.

The IMC provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of Medieval Studies. Paper and session proposals on any topic related to the Middle Ages are welcome.  

The IMC 2018 is a significant milestone, as it marks the 25th Congress since its beginning in 1994, as well as the 50th anniversary of two other closely related Leeds institutions: The Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) and the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB). Recognizing these milestones allows for a consideration of what has been achieved during this time, as well as a discussion of the challenges that lie ahead. This year's Congress will run from 2-5 July.