Royal Armouries: War Games

The special event 'Royal Armouries: War Games', hosted by Interconnections, invites participants to discover and play strategic war games and explore the Leeds Dock area.


Interconnections is an initiative designed exclusively for postgraduates in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, and aims to create spaces where they can meet, relax and develop friendships across different disciplines through a series of social and cultural events.

Events range from cultural talks, to tasting different cuisine, to day trips to local points of interest. 

University of Leeds postgraduates of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages are invited to attend events and suggest future activities. 

Royal Armouries: War Games

Interconnections invites all registered Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures postgraduate students at the University of Leeds to discover and play strategic war games old and new at the Royal Armouries. In addition, participants will also have an opportunity to explore the Leeds Dock area and the general collection at the Royal Armouries. 

Registration is necessary, although the event is free. 

The event will start at 14:00 at the Royal Armouries - participants may meet the Interconnections group there, or can arrive at 13:00 at the Parkinson Building steps to walk to the Armouries with the group. 

All are welcome!