Randah Alfuhaydi


I started my PhD in January 2021. I transferred to the University of Leeds from the University of Leicester in February 2022. I am sponsored by the University of Shaqra, Saudi Arabia where I worked as a teaching assistant before starting my degree here in the UK. 

Research interests

I am interested in the pragmatic functions and the sociolinguistic variation of discourse-pragmatic features in Najdi Arabic.

My Phd thesis focuses on adjective intensifiers in the Najdi dialect spoken in Riyadh. The first part of my research seeks to uncover the devices that are available for Najdi speakers to intensify adjectives. This includes classifying these devices based on their effect on the adjacent adjective using the model of Quirk et. al. (1985). In addition, I operationalize the labovian framework to analyse the variation in using adjective intensifiers by Najdi speakers in Riyadh. 


  • MA in Linguistics, The University of Manchester
  • BA in English Language and Literature, Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University