Students release readings from Tenter Hook

Listen to undergraduate creative writers give readings from the latest Tenter Hook anthology.

Released as a free e-book earlier this season, Tenter Hook is the second volume to showcase the work of undergraduate students studying our English Literature with Creative Writing degree.

Contributors to the anthology have now provided recordings of their pieces, which range from poetry to prose.

The readings are available as an MP3 download collection or individual MP3 readings below:

Introduction from Dr Kimberly Campanello
Small Steps by Vasilena Panayotova
Punctured Moon Balloon by Sarah Healey
The Utopian Manifesto by Tiago Ventura
Tenancy by Beth Summerfield
We Gaze Through The Same Eyes, You and I by Philippa Kennedy


Listen to an extended conversation about Tenter Hook with Chapel FM (MP3).

Find out more about the Tenter Hook anthology.