Professor Paul Hammond co-edits the Longman Annotated English Poets Series

As one of the three editors of the series, <a href="">Professor Hammond</a> has been commissioning new editions of major poets' work.

Recent editions from Routledge have included the poems of Shakespeare edited by Cathy Shrank and Raphael Lyne (2018), and volume 1 of the poems of Alexander Pope, edited by Paul Baines and Julian Ferraro (2019).

The next titles to appear in 2020 will be the fifth (and final) volume of Shelley, a new edition of Ben Jonson’s poetry, and the first volume of a new edition of Yeats from Peter McDonald.

The density of the annotation in the first volume of Yeats can be judged from the size of the typescript, which is a foot tall, double-sided.

The edition promises to be a veritable feast, not only for Yeats scholars but for anyone interested in Irish culture.

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