Chocolate House Treason — a new novel by David Fairer

The Emeritus Professor's fictional debut interweaves a murder mystery and literary puzzle with authentic historical events.

David Fairer, Lecturer and Professor of 18th-century literature, has written a thrilling historical whodunnit capturing the delights of the classic 18th-century novel.

His book is set in Covent Garden, 1708. Queen Anne’s new Great Britain is in crisis. The Queen is mired in a sexual scandal, spies are everywhere, and political disputes are bringing violence and division.

Drawn into a web of intrigue that reaches from the brothels of Drury Lane to the Court of St James’s, Mary Trotter and her young friends Tom and Will race against time to unravel political plots, solve two murders, and prevent another…

I’m inspired by the thought of bringing this fascinating period to life for modern readers.

Professor David Fairer, School of English.

“Over four decades I’ve written books on the eighteenth century and its literature,” explains David.

“Now I find myself on the other side of the fence, writing from within the world that I’ve inhabited imaginatively for fifty years...”

David’s fictional debut is the first in a projected series of Chocolate House Mysteries.

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