Grant will open up pioneering Jewish historian’s treasured collection

A Sadler Seminar Series, dedicated to the Roth Collection in the Leeds University Library’s Special Collections is being co-convened by Dr Jay Posser from the School of English.

The Roth Collection is a collection of rare books and manuscripts from Cecil Roth (1899-1970) who was a pioneering scholar in Jewish history and collector of Jewish material objects, art and documents of all kinds. He was also co-founder of the Jewish Museum in London and chief editor of the first Encyclopaedia Judaica.

The University has been awarded a grant to open up the collection online to share the records with the wider community, both locally and internationally.  As part of the project to open the Roth Collection more widely, there will be a series of outreach activities and a dedicated seminar series which will be co-convened by Dr Jay Prosser, Reader in Humanities.

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