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Monochrome photograph of the actor Gareth Armstrong

The Merchant of Venice: Sources, Intertexts, Afterlives symposium

Kimberly Campanello and Dimitra Xidous

Poet and Professor Kimberly Campanello attended a celebratory reception at Dublin Castle at the invitation of Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Tananarive Due with copies of her new book 'the Reformatory'.

Award-winning horror writer Tananarive Due knows how to scare. She explains what attracts us to the genre, how she creates horror, and how her time at Leeds played a key role in her success.

An interpretation of Mami Wata, with a red and yellow shawl, hoop earrings, holding a snake that curls round her neck and above her head.

PhD researcher Megan Fourqurean studies Nigerian literature that explores gender and sexuality through religious symbols.

Dr Nicholls meets Lord Boateng in parliament

Dr Brendon Nicholls' method of reading postcolonial literature opens up the possibilities of meaning and makes room for African knowledges.