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A bunch of holly berries nestled in holly leaves

Heritage project finds practices thought to bring good fortune in one place were believed to sow disaster down the road.

Simon armitage

The Poet Laureate and University of Leeds Professor of Poetry has been commissioned by the BBC to examine the corporation from a ‘unique perspective’. 

A view of the Scarborough searfront.
Picture free to use from Tim Green/Flickr

Rap, art and writing workshops are being held to help hard-to-reach Yorkshire residents delve into their dialect.

Double page spread of a medieval book

The REF 2021 results for English Language and Literature (UoA 27) show that the University of Leeds is a centre of excellence across English Studies, including Creative Writing and Theatre Studies.

A birds-eye view shot of the farm that features in the film with the film title 'Newland' across the screen.

A short film, made in conjunction with a University of Leeds-based research project, has received recognition from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).